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Photo I found researching my own family history and sparked my interest in genealogy

Research into my own family history brought me here..

I became captivated with genealogy more than 30 years ago when I found this photograph which I now know shows four generations of my family. Feeling a strange affinity towards them, but not knowing why, I decided to use genealogy to try and find something more about them - and that was it – I was hooked!

Our Ancestors and their Origins

We are all so busy today in our ‘fast forward’ society that we rarely take time to breath, never mind think about our roots - our ancestors or their origins. There are those that may think the lives of relatives long gone are simply unimportant but; without our ancestors and their courage and endurance, we would not be here today.

Find out more about your Ancestry

Have you ever wondered about your ancestry? Have you ever wondered who your ancestors were, what they were like, what they did for a living, where they lived, what type of lives they led or how they survived in a world so very different to our own? Have you ever asked yourself, how can I find out more about my ancestry? Genealogy can help you find these details - and I can show you how.

Trace your Ancestry

Would you like to more about your great grandparents, find all their descendants, trace your ancestry far back in history, or would you like to give someone a copy of their family tree as a gift? I can help.

Have you done genealogical research of your own but have come up against a brick wall, and find yourself unable to break it down? I can help.

My Book, Simple Genealogy, can help you on the road to starting your family history search

Would you like to start your own research into your family history but don’t know where to begin? My book Simple Genealogy is designed specifically for the novice genealogist and covers hints and tips for those in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kindom and the USA, for a price of £5.99. Enter your email here to buy my book, and you'll be taken to PayPal to checkout. You'll receive an email with a link to download the file.

Genealogy is a fascinating - but time consuming- study which can be very daunting to the uninitiated. If you answered yes to any of the questions above, why not draw on my 3 decades of experience and expertise as a Genealogist, and let me help you? Here you can have a look at the genealogy research options I offer.

Have some questions before Of course I understand you may have some questions before enlisting my services, and so here I have preared a short list most frequently asked questions relating to how I go about conducting your family history search, or, if you are ready to go ahead and find out more about your family history, just answer a few questions on my contact page.

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